Light You Up

Light You Up Yearly Creativity Planner, 2016 edition


$47 USD

(available January 1, 2016)

(Download sample here.)

You remember how I said I was wild and zany and disorganized and tended to just follow my creative passion and how I was frustrated, because I felt alone.

As if I were on Mars and everyone else was on earth (poor Matt Damon) and no one would ever be able to understand anything I was trying to say.

And how Young’s methodology or system helped me to get focused, to wake up and pay attention, and to work.

Work the system.

Give the gathering of materials the time. Give the unconscious processing the time.

When I’m sitting and staring at my notecards, just like you may be sitting staring at a blank page or canvas, or you need to come up with something else to sell in your Etsy shop, Young’s system is there.

It gives you the five steps you need.

In other words, it’s your creative process.

My creativity planner takes you through that process, that system, and includes resources and support for when you get into one step and get blocked, by fear of failure or fear of success.

$47 USD

(available January 1, 2016)