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I’d like to help 1,000 creatives revolutionize their work, their lives, the world.


My name is Trish Lawrence and I’m a creative consultant.

“I truly appreciate our creativity talk yesterday. I was so fired up.” —Rosie, novelist/PB writer

I’ve worked with creatives for 20 years, in moments in which they become visible to the world:

  • first words in a blank notebook or Scrivener file

  • uploading an art portfolio online for viewing

  • photographed for their new website

  • receiving revisions back from an editor

  • get told “no, not right for us”

  • host their first art show

  • get a customer wanting a refund

  • waiting for a creative project to fully gel causes doubt, fear, and not-good-enough-itis

  • the creative journey challenges a creative mindset and makes people long to quit

I’ve been an editor since 1995, when I started out as an apprentice to an experienced editor/publisher who told me to “leap and the net will appear.” Let’s just say the creative journey is not lined with “nets to catch you” stores along the route. I’ve crashed my landings countless times, and have had to learn how to get back up again. I’ve learned that this is really what the creative journey is all about.

“Thank you for the “Creating Better Ideas” email workshop. . . . The message is always right on target.” —Erica, MG author

I’m a published author (I have walked this one before!) of seven gift/kids books, published by Publications International, and my last picture book, A PRINCESS’S CROWN, was published in 2007 by Tormont Publications (in Canada; thank goodness, it was not published in the U.S.!). I write copy for over a dozen corporations/companies, non-profits, and online businesses, specializing in branding and customer service.

“Keep it up! Good stuff!” —Pam, writer

Since 1995, I’ve copyedited/proofed/developmental edited/concept created for countless publishers in the United States and around the world, including Harvest House, Aptara, Cenveo, Wiley Asia, Pearson UK, Kendall Hunt Publishing, Learning Mate, Scholastic, Penguin Putnam/Berkley and Jove, Perigree/HPBooks/Prentice Hall Press, Random House/Crown and Waterbrook Press, McGraw-Hill Higher Education and WCB McGraw-Hill, Sybex Games, Meredith Books, Sage Publications, Scholarly Resources, Inc., Hermitage Publishing, Tapestry Press, Northwestern University Press, and Oxford University Press.

“I love that you are doing this! Thank you for sharing your passion and enthusiasm!” —Karen, writer

I was on staff as a digital content editor at the British Medical Journal, where I worked with doctors on their creative journeys (a lot of them failing daily, HOURLY, trying to write coherent prose).

“Did this little inspiring lesson really come at the perfect time for me. I was staring at a large project and now your tools have made me look at it in a new way. Yay! Now to get to work…” —Kit, author/illustrator

I’m currently writing a memoir about how my creativity saved my life, kept me moving forward, and ultimately, brought me to where I am now, helping creatives also striving to move forward. I write YA for teen readers, and have a few more picture book ideas up my sleeve (wink!). I’m also a literary agent, working with selected clients on their creative journeys.

Are you a creative who has been “visible” in one or more of those moments and it made you doubt your creative worth? Do you fear failure AND success because both just seem so scary? What if there is not a net and we can’t stick the landing? What then?

“Self-doubt stalks me. Yesterday I was thinking of quitting and giving up.” —Joy, author

This is the moment in which I can help.

Contact me anytime with questions about consulting, writing, and event scheduling!