I’m Trish Lawrence and I help people cultivate their best ideas.


  • My super power is turning fragile and fledgling ideas into something truly amazing.
  • I help people get through what Seth Godin calls the Dip.
  • In essence, I provide something like ‘existential scaffolding’ for people who are on the move and need help now.
  • I help people trust themselves and feel more zen while they work through their creative process. I am the ‘idea catcher.’

It’s all about the idea

I help people recognize ideas, especially almost-there ideas, that will benefit themselves and others.

I help people overcome noise so that they are able to listen to their own still, small voice of truth deep inside. This is where idea creation can flourish.

I overcame a lot of that noise to get to my quiet truth, and I truly love to ‘light people up’ about their dreams, their futures, their ideas, their plans.

If you are going somewhere, I help you get there.

I inspire you along the path, I brainstorm with you when you hit the Dip. I redirect you when you go off on a tangent. (Hey! Don’t we all?)

It’s also about lighting up and finding the JOY!

I “light up” when I work with people of all kinds, specifically those seeking to “change the game” with their work.

I work best with creatives aka authors, artists, solopreneurs (since I am also a solo entrepreneur), and side hustlers (the makers and the doers; those who are working it during the second shift, be that parenting, art, writing, innovating, dreaming), who are not making the kind of progress they hoped they would and are looking for some inspiration.

My own small biz grew from an idea

I run and own real/brilliant, inc., which I started in 1995, as a grand experiment and never looked back. Hey, I had an idea and it grew!

I’m an entrepreneur, kid’s book author, and agent.

My entrepreneurial and literary scaffolding (what makes me “light up”)

This blog is a result of me working with and cultivating ideas—mostly solopreneur and book ideas—for almost two decades.

In my consulting over the past 20 years, I’ve seen a lot of ideas (some good, some not so good) cross my path. I can spot a “live firecracker” of an idea a mile away. I can point out the ideas that will make it and the ideas that will not.

I aim to find all of those “firecracker” artists, writers, solopreneurs, and side hustler makers and doers folks and keep those ideas flowing for a long time to come. Read more about my consulting and products.

My authorial/agent scaffolding (how I find my JOY!)

As an author, my most recent kid’s picture book was A Royal Princess published by Tormont Publications in 2007 (in Canada only). My gift book titles are Hugs for Dad and Hugs for Mom, published in 1999 by Publications International. I also did another seven-book gift book line for Publications International in 1998 as coauthor, which were sold in specialty gift shops and Target stores nationwide.

I’m also an agent at Erin Murphy Literary Agency representing kids books for ages zero to 18. (I do not accept pitches through this blog. Go to Erin Murphy Literary to see our agency guidelines for queries/submission. Thank you for respecting this needed boundary.)

The big idea (it’s all about the mashup, baby)

My goal is to impact 10,000 artists, writers, solopreneurs, small business owners, side hustlers, and makers/doers in the next decade. Hey, we all need a little bit of “lighting up” every once in a while.

I bootstrapped my business experiment back in 1995. I had no idea it would have sustained me for this long! I took a fledgling idea and I ran with it or you could say I refused to “conform” with it.

I broke out of the expectations that others had for me and kept right on going. I kept a fragile idea alive until I was strong enough to make it work.

So, too, can you.

How to “light up” your idea

Please join me and others. If you want, follow me on Twitter or on Facebook, and tell me about how you’re attempting to bring one of your ideas to life. Or contact me for information on my consulting. Or check out my products.

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Trish Lawrence

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