My Body Loves Exercise (And How Easy It Is To Forget This)

by Trish

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Old-school Jawbone Up

This was my birthday present in 2013. It was a GENIUS idea. TRUTH!

This little bracelet could keep track of my steps, let me know when I hadn’t moved in 90 minutes (this is really hard for me to accept; but yes, my work often engages me for hours at a time), and in general, make me look COOL.

Yes, I live in the Pacific Northwest. We’re not hipsters this far north (Seattle), but we’re definitely cool-junkies. We want to look the part, play the part, and for the most part (hahahaha), this works.

Enter MOI.

I love the idea of fitness, exercise, the great outdoors.

I am a gym rat. I can go on a tear where I’m at the gym every single day of the week, doing cardio, weightlifting, you name it.

And then, works piles up and I am such a workaholic. Yes, I love my work. I love being creative and challenging others and being challenged. And I get out of the habit of the gym. Like, fast. Super fast. Supersonic fast.

To add to the drama, recently, the Jawbone pictured above died. Actually, the replacement for that Jawbone died. And I totally got out of the habit. I walk the dogs, do my planks at home, we go to group workouts at hubby’s sports rehab place here and there, but it was time to get serious.

How hard was it for me to get serious?

Soooooo hard.

No Jawbone. Bored with the gym. I settled on Couch to 5k (C25k), an iPhone app that you use to slowly ramp up your running time in order to, you guessed it, get from the couch (or in my case, my comfy chair) to running a 5k.

Note to the world: I have zero interest in running a 5k.


But I decided I to go for it. I would start this month with C25k. I then mentioned it to a author client of mine who lives on the other side of the country, in lovely Connecticut (Hi, Debbi!), and she decided to join me. This is where it gets fun.

And we’ve now completed two weeks. Whaaaaa?

The other day, we compared notes.

This is what I learned:

  1. My brain doesn’t like physical exercise at all. My brain is bored easily. Television, movies, even sporting events, and I’m hankering for something to really think about. Try running/walking for 30 minutes. My brain revolts.

  2. My body, on the other hand, craves activity. Through all the aches and pains, my body wants to do it MORE. How in the world is that possible? Surprise. Our bodies are meant for physical activity.

  3. The two, brain and body, war between themselves often about interest in a C25k day. My brain will complain that there is much more interesting things to be found on Facebook and Twitter and in my email inbox, whereas my body is needing to move, out of the chair and into the real world. The two spar. It gets ugly.

Thank goodness for accountability buddies in Connecticut (who are three hours ahead of Seattle). Debbi is often done with her C25k day by the time I check my email each morning.


Alas, no. We’re NOT competing. But it is peer pressure. The pressure to be cool, not just to look cool. It’s one thing to wear a Jawbone Up; it’s quite another to have actually done something about it.

Are you making time for exercise as a creative? Tell it to me in the comments below or head to the Facebook page.

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Rosie October 22, 2015 at 8:19 pm

Today I went to the gym. Hung out at the spa for a while, just browsing. Then I ate lunch at their healthy cafe while watching Dr. Oz. Was very tempted to pull out one of the two books in my purse and go read by the pool, but resisted. Moved to the changing room and checked social media on my phone. Finally, the last thing I did was work out, for about 30 min. Haha…took a while to get in the mood. I also realized that just being physically at the gym wouldn’t qualify as exercising, but one could argue it counts 🙂

This week, I also started seeing a chiropractor, working on my spine damages from all that sitting and poor posture. So, yeah, I guess I’m slowly getting there, taking the time and care to stay fit.

realbrilliant October 23, 2015 at 7:38 am

Good for you! It’s so hard for us thinkers to do something like run. I have started an audio book over here and then will revert to podcasts next week. But sheesh, I work overtime trying to talk myself out of exercise. My silly brain!

Thanks, Rosie!

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