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If you are like me, you are a book hoarder. I am also an information hoarder. And a pretty things hoarder. And lately, I just have had the urge to throw it all away.

Well, not everything. The books stay, the pretty things stay. Most of my information, however (ie, bookmarked Internet browser files, paper files, cd-roms, mp3s, piles of material that I’ve been amassing over my business career), well, I’m flummoxed. Do I keep or throw it away?

It’s the one thing that I can’t decide on this month. I’m having no problems tossing clothes that don’t fit, books I will never read again, things that just seem to take up space. But the information—even a set of audio cds dangles its secrets in front of me—seems to want to stick around. I just have a lot of it. (Hey, seventeen, almost eighteen years in this business.)

But I am reminded of the truth that if you move out what you no longer need, what you do need will show up. So, with these audio cds, I think, can I use this information?

I can. So, they stay. But rather than think about all the myriad things that surround keeping or throwing things out (“I had such grand plans for this and wow, I never did anything, did I?” = guilt or “If only I had time to work on this project from a decade ago” = unreasonable expectations), I now simply ask: Can I use this information?

I’m finding the path clearing, the pile of things to be donated growing, and a space created . . . for what is coming next!

Can you use all the stuff you’ve amassed? Does it help you become a better writer? Does it help you focus or keep you from focusing?


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