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The other day over on Verla Kay’s boards, someone quoted Jane Yolen, who said the writer’s agony is not with writing but with seeking publication.

It’s the ego, folks.

Crashing its way into the party and then making party guests feel terrible about themselves rather than enjoying the party.

It strikes at the oddest moments, fights back with a vengeance when you attempt to defeat it, and generally ruins what would otherwise be a very enjoyable life.

Except the ego does good things too. It keeps us pushing, keeps us from settling, keeps us from taking the rest of our lives off.

But when it comes between the good stuff: the ability to enjoy the process, the patient daily writing for the sheer joy of it, well, it’s really a pain in the butt.

I’m realizing my love of writing did not create some of my egoistic goals for me and my clients (publication, bestseller status, awards, big lucrative deals). I have to keep walking around lately stating to myself over and over again: “Love did not create this.”Just to keep an even keel on things.

Anyone else fighting the ego’s maniacal pull on their goals around the New Year?



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