Year of the Snake Means Less Turbulence!

by Trish

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So, this was supposed to be the year of the snake with less turbulence . . .

And then the high winds in the Puget Sound region caused a branch to rest on top of a power line and a transformer blew. When it blows this close to one’s house, the effect is not a quiet <calm, and then total silence, so you know the power is off> switch, it’s a house-shaking, horrible metal-screeching plus rumbling noise that made me run out my front door because I thought something in my house had exploded. (I also saw the reflection of the transformer’s blue electric arc sparking in a wonderful display. If that combination doesn’t make one run out one’s front door, I don’t know what will!)

So, yeah, 2013, less turbulence. Right.

But it got me to thinking: we creatives have to often create in the midst of very turbulent conditions, sometimes it’s work drama, family strife, illness, stress, day job wearing us out, what else?

And yet for me, the minute something like today’s transformer blowup comes along, I have to let out some steam and then work really hard to refocus. Why?

I am very high-strung. It’s genetic. My great-grandmother was very hepped up all the time, very nervous, lots of things bugged her and she let them.

It is my goal in 2013 to let less things bug me. It’s the year of the snake, after all, less turbulence, remember?

So, I suppose today’s transformer blowing was a bit of a lesson for me. How quickly afterward was I able to calm down? (Hint: It took a while.) How quickly could I swing back into my creative force? (Hint: It took a while.)

BIG HINT: Roadblocks and drama and exploding transformers we cannot control, but we can find our rhythm, click back into it, and get back to where we left off. At least that is the goal this year.

Who’s with me?

Sylvia Patience January 10, 2013 at 11:41 am

What’s proving difficult for me this time around is to put my heart into a new project after finishing one in which I was very invested. I was born in the year of the snake, so should feel right at home here in 2013. I’m resolving to sit down and write every day and hope motivation follows practice.

realbrilliant January 15, 2013 at 11:53 am

Wonderful, Sylvia! Good for you!

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