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 What is your storyline? And I don’t mean the one that you are afraid of or that haunts you. What is the storyline that is your deepest self? The story you dream of becoming, the story you already are living?

When we attempt creative projects, what we dream about and what we believe about ourselves often come into play. Sometimes it can seem like a big roadblock to progress, like we are never going to be able to move that big “thing” out from our lives in order to move forward. Other times it feels as if the past pours forward through our actions, poisoning what we so desperately want to become.

It’s called changing a storyline. You allow the frantic feelings to just go on by, but you respond with wise mind. (Wise mind is you talking back to your reactive mind; a reactive mind is often worst-case scenarios, fright or flight mode, survival mechanisms; a wise mind is a bit more reasoned, “is that really true?” “I don’t accept that.”)

It takes practice. It takes self-awareness. It takes courage.

I’m right there with ya, friends.

Keep breathing. Keep walking.

Challenge your past. Change your storyline. 



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