Bubbled to the Surface: How To Record Ideas

by Trish

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You’ll notice that this week has been light on writing. Well, with all the devastation on the east coast, I don’t want to keep you reading here. I want you to get inspired and then get out there and do something.

First things first: record your ideas.

How do you record ideas? Do you scribble them into a notebook? Do you jot them on the back of your children’s school papers? Napkins? Do you type them into some sort of electronic recording system like Evernote (http://evernote.com/) or Workflowy (https://workflowy.com/)? Do you tend to talk your ideas out? Do you record them with your smartphone?

Above all, you have to have a method to record your ideas, because if you don’t, they will become jumbled together in your brain (well, at least this is how it works for me) and then you won’t ever think about how to take action on those ideas.

Enough for this week. We’ll talk more about this in months to come!

How do you record ideas?



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