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I hear a lot of people talking about being in maker mode. This is a digging deeper mode, clearing the decks of what can wait so that you can create.

I am trying consciously to do this for a huge chunk of my day, because it helps my clients and myself and that’s my job. But I frequently get caught up in the necessary clutter of email, social media, Internet surfing, a game of Snood (I adore Snood!), and most of all, procrastination.

I pause and maker mode begins to recede in the face of what I call “tyranny of the urgent”—the people who are waiting on you, the emails that must be answered right now, the dithering we have to do because we think it helps us pay our dues.


Get into maker mode as we head toward a weekend. What will you do instead of only reacting to the urgent? What will you do thoughtfully?

Do that. Make something.


Erin Murphy October 26, 2012 at 6:23 am

Thanks, Trish, I really needed this reminder! Isn’t there something about the urgent vs…something else. The important? Learning to distinguish the two?

realbrilliant October 26, 2012 at 10:15 am

I am totally focused on this right now too. I think email has effectively made this a much harder job than it should have been. 😉 As we know so well. But I’ve been hearing people talk about “maker mode” and am determined to work it in somehow. Keep trying day by day! xoxo

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