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My house has been torn apart. Literally. The long-awaited and anticipated built-in bookshelves are being installed this week. Nine feet long (spanning an entire wall of my living room) and ten feet high, my built-in bookcases are for the library of books I’ve already collected in my past few years of working as a writer and editor.

I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it.

Of course, phase 2, already in planning stage, is another set of built-in bookcases in my downstairs office to hold the books I will collect as an author and agent. So, it feels like I’m simplifying in a big way to put all the books I own into one place, into one room in order to begin collecting a new set of books for my future.

I’ve been pinning pics on Pinterest on how I want the bookcases to look (I’m shopping for a rolling book ladder) and how I will style them:


But in reality, my life will probably be this:


My goal is for it to look something like this:

Source: via Trish on Pinterest

This is fun!

Any major projects that seem to be the simplify solution you’ve been looking for?

Either way, for today:




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