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You have probably noticed that the blog has been updated several times today. (This is the third post for today if you’re just catching up.)

Why all this flurry?

I’m working on a book and I want you all to get a first glimpse at the ideas it will include. The book is a field guide for people struggling to push their businesses and writing goals up a level. I seek to help you do this is by honing three core strengths—self-awareness, idea production, and your ability to “ship” all the time.

1. What I mean by self-awareness is the ability to be self-efficacious, to set out to do a task that you may or may not have experience and previous success with, but to do it better, to find the better idea, to have better confidence, awareness of what works and what doesn’t work.

Thus my first post this morning. A reminder. You can do it. And we’ll be delving further into that idea as the weeks go by.

2. What I mean by idea production is the ability to create an idea that works. If you’ve got self-efficacy in place, then you must figure out what avenues you have to try and accomplish the idea.

Thus my second post today. Inspiration from how others utilize and become empowered by ideas. And we’ll continue exploring those inspirations as well as other people who have put in place amazing systems to get their big ideas into play in weeks to come.

3. And then there’s our ability to “ship” all the time. The term “ship” comes from Seth Godin, the revered marketing guru who has had amazing success because he’s shipped—all the time. Sometimes he ships and it doesn’t work; other times, he ships and it blows our minds.

This will be the third post of each weekday. How to get to “ship” all the time. Put the self-awareness/self-efficacy and the idea production inspiration into play for yourself.

What is your big idea?

Can you make it bigger?

Who is your inspiration?

And what are you doing today to get it “shipped”?


I decided to post the third update later in the afternoon, because most of us (and by us, I mean other creative professionals) often are just starting the second shift (our second job, our true passion, be it a blog, a book project, painting or drawing or musical composition). If you want to check back throughout the day for each update, feel free. Or if you’d rather just visit at the start of your second shift and catch all the posts from that day, by all means.

So, without further ado.

What is your next thing in this creative “second shift” project that will get you one step closer to SHIP?

It could be writing a set amount of words on a novel project, setting up an easel and beginning to think about what to paint on it, plunking out a melody on the piano or guitar, writing a blog post, or whatever it is that needs to be done—right now. Today. Before you sleep.

What do you have have to do?

What can you do right now?

It’s not the entire project; it’s the next action step.

For me, my next thing is research for my book project, taking notes on what I’m reading so I can properly attribute the source material. This is the longest process by far for me (writing a first draft and/or revision goes much faster) but this is a very important step. I’m working through a pile of library reference material starting tonight and entering my notes into a Evernote-compatible Moleskine notebook (you can scan the notebook right into your Evernote program later). I’ve got about 20 library books to read and take notes on. I am slow as molasses on this step, so here’s hoping you won’t hear about it for the rest of this year!

What’s your next action step in order to get closer to SHIP?

Go and do it now.


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