Why I Adore Instagram

by Trish

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I’m an Instagram addict.

Because of my angst over the summer over Pinterest, listening to all the diverse opinions, the fearmongers (you’ll be sued!) and the naysayers (forget it, the Internet should all be Creative Commons licensed and we’ll help it along!), I’ve decided to take the middle-of-the-road approach (see yesterday’s post for what that approach is).

I will begin to post more original content on Pinterest (what I create using Instagram!). And I think Instagram is a great alternative to Pinterest worries (if you’re not comfortable, don’t repin) and also a great addition to Pinterest if you’re in the mood to switch it up a bit.

Instagram is available to smartphone users, using their phone’s camera to take pictures that are then filtered and uploaded to an account where people can scroll through and comment and/or like. It’s so addictive! I also think it’s more real. Another Pinterest problem is that it tends to appear sorta fake. You know, if my kitchen looked like that, I would be okay with myself. Well, “that kitchen” was on the cover of ELLE DECOR, so it’s not really anyone’s “actual kitchen” but more set-designed to be inspiring. There’s just probably not a whole lot of cooking going on in a kitchen that looks like that all the time.

But with Instagram, it’s like “street Pinterest”—real pictures by real people, styled a whole lot more (it’s really cool to see the styles of different people shine through a reel of Instagram photos), sorta grunge maybe, or scrapbooked, or filtered so that we think we’re in a Fellini film.

I’m addicted. So I thought I’d change up my blog feature on How X Uses Pinterest to How  X Uses Pinterest/Instagram. Depending on what mood I’m in, I may feature both or just one or the other. Who knows?

Check out my sidebar for a collection of some recent Instagram photos from moi. I’m working on revamping these images in Photoshop now in order to repost on Pinterest for other people to play with.

Find me on Instagram! We’ll hang out.


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