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Happy August! We’re almost to the start of school!

That probably sounds a bit strange coming from me, someone with a full-time freelance business. But I have a few things that I desperately want to learn and to accomplish and they won’t be done quickly. They will take a while. In fact, they will take four years!

So, I decided to start college today (College of real/brilliant, inc.) and to set up my week with a full load of credits and classes that meet on every other day and I’ve figured out when to end my fall semester and how many weeks that gives me and I’ve divided up my “semester” into what I want to learn in each “class.”

There’s something very familiar and gratifying about the start of a new school year. It brings back such happy memories of buying new folders and notebooks, shoes and backpacks. Of finding out your class schedule and finding your locker (I went to middle school and high school in the locker era), of planning out school clothing budgets and pouring over the J Crew catalog (in high school, I began my J Crew addiction, tis true) to gain inspiration for what I was sure everyone was wearing (and they weren’t, because who could afford J. Crew in high school?) and to show up on that first day greeting old friends and making new ones.

This time around, as I begin my “college semester” at the College of Life, I’m having some anxiety. I don’t feel ready to learn these things nor do I feel like I can wait until I do feel that way. I am certain that I can do it and slightly doubtful. I’m scared and so ready.

I’ll keep you posted as the semester continues. I have a few semester goals (of course), but the majority of my work this semester is just the beginning of projects that will continue on through next spring and longer. My plan is to “graduate” from “college” in spring 2016. I’m sure some of my projects will finish before then, and many of them will not be ready by then, but it’s the start of a tremendous emotional and “hard mental work” push toward these goals.

Are you headed into the college of life? What’s your fall semester going to be?


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