The Hidden Force of Creativity

by Trish

in Creativity Workshop

I admit it. Creativity doesn’t always seem like it’s there.

It can appear to a person struggling to get it back that it’s actually in hiding.

The key is to sweet talk it out of hiding, to make it feel safe enough to emerge into daylight.

I have a lot of practice doing this. About 50% of the time, I’m trying to get my creativity out in the open. About 50% of the time, I’m flailing it back down.

Recovering creatives do that. As the days go on though, it gets better. You find you don’t feel the urge to block, you feel a lightness about your day, an interest in your daily tasks. You find yourself jotting notes down anywhere you find a blank piece of paper (or a napkin), you find that your creative brain is working better, smoother, cleaner.

Your sink isn’t quite as clogged as you thought. It’s a good feeling. Enjoy it. Celebrate it. And don’t panic when you find yourself pounding the creativity back down soon after. It’s what we do. We’re human beings, not gods. We’re responsible for one thing: “know thyself.”

Know thyself does not mean to search out our inner brains for every hidden motive. Know thyself is to know our limits as mortals. (Thanks to the Greeks for the original, unadulterated version of this saying.)

Take creativity when you can get it and don’t panic when you think it’s abandoned you. It hasn’t. Just play nice, relax, do something tactile and it will show up. It always does.


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