Two Links That Inspired Me Yesterday

by Trish

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Yeah, so I’m writing, writing, writing. (hey, two critique groups each week; I have to write just to keep up!)

But in the middle of this, I found two links that ultra inspired me. Not sure if anyone else will feel the same, but I thought I would share them.

First up is Erika Powell’s Urban Grace blog and her post about her daughter, Sloane’s, birth two weeks ago. First of all, the Erika/Darby blogs are fabulous and second, how long will it take you to realize the two of them are twins? Erika is a fabulous designer (I long to hire her to do my kitchen someday) and you’ll enjoy glimpses into her world, I’m sure. Check out the front of her house! I swoon. Plus her Sloane-girl is quite delicious.

Second, is Ali Edwards and a snapshot of reality from her life. Love these posts! I feel centered, sure, and calm about my own life. We spotted Ali at the Coburg Antique Faire a few weeks ago (my burlap feed sack bonanza!) with her baby daughter in tow. Too cute.

And back to the writing!


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