Write Now: 10-Minute Description Exercise

by Trish

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Take 10 minutes and just look at this picture. Don’t imagine a character for it, don’t imagine a plot, just look at it. Consider texture, color, smell, sound (make that up) and just let it seep into your mind’s eye.

Then take 10 minutes and write what you see. Tell us the colors, tell us the texture, the feel of the heat in Morocco (where this is), and just let your physical eye meet your mind’s eye and weave a texture for us.

Happy Sunday!

Earl the Pearl March 31, 2009 at 6:39 am

Ready for a rinse ? A quick, poorly assembled vision is pressed into my brain. This large tiled bathtub is missing something important, water. Thousands and thousands of gallons of water. If it only had the water…

The soft glow of the afternoon sun, warms the walls beyond their already creamy yellow hue. I can’t help but picture myself floating here, adrift in my yellow ducky float ring… I dangle my hand into the water, pondering the time it took to lay this green and black pattern. Wondering what meaning the square tiles have that form square patterns around other square tiles… How square.

I’m glad to be out of the hot sun, but wish more of a breeze existed beyond the row of clearstory windows that line the ceiling.

A raspberry lemonaid, so cold it frosts my glass and sticks to the skin of my hand as I bob across the pool. I stab my cheek with the bright red umbrella perched on the edge of the glass as my lips search for the straw… “What is the purpose of the square umbrella in my glass ? And who is the clown in the green jumpsuit at the spa entrance ? Does he plan to pull the plug on my pool ? Did he check the filter and the chlorine tablets ? ( cuz this water is kinda rank) Is that light fixture GFI protected or am I going to get a nasty shock if I drift too close… ? Dang, Morocco is an odd bird….”

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