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by Trish

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Start a file for it.

Seriously, I must be doing well on the no sugar thing (hahahaha) or something, because all the sluggishness is dropping from my brain recently and I’m seeing the light. Three nf book proposals in the works, two novels. Now I need to stop, or either just start a file.

How in the world does a person keep organized through this? Great question, actually.

I’ve tried numerous ways to stay on task or to accomplish the exhausting to-do list that leers at me each morning. First of all, I have no children. That is one reason that my lack of organization is quite ridiculous. Second, I have every organizational tool known to women here to help me. Even more ridiculous.

I’ve made lists (my plans are much bigger than what can reasonably be done in a day’s time).
I’ve organized my day into sections (mornings for editing, afternoons for writing, evenings for reading; not sure when I’ll actually do laundry, however)

Finally, I have found something that just might stick. And finally I have enough time to start this (the deadlines have all been pushed back for a bit).

I give myself sections of TIME for projects. So, I have two hours to work on this certain project. What a concept! My angst-filled self calms down and doesn’t attempt to accomplish anything more than that one project. And I do accomplish! It’s like setting a timer for five minutes, only I got a timer set for two hours. I know, I know, some of you with kids are sitting there with a smile on your face. OKAY! I know things will change later, but for now, this is working for me. I’m quite thrilled. I’ve done this for almost three straight weeks and am finally calm about everything I want to get done this year.

So, to update you on the fiction front. A simple story that was inspired by my beloved late grandmother has now morphed into a whole new story. There is no resemblance to real-life events. Most of me breathes a sigh of relief. I don’t want to rehash things. I also really love this new story. If you know the story of Oedipus and Laius and Jocasta, you’ll understand what my story is possibly about. Of course, not exactly. I’m all into allegory these days. So I’ll allegorize the myth of Oedipus and make it my own.

I would never have thought of it myself. I am still filing (good grief) over here and found a crumpled program from a Sophocles play we went to a few years ago at Seattle Pacific University (one of the main actors was a close friend) and I realized I knew what my story was. Not what I thought it was, that’s for sure.

Oy, fiction writers. We are a crazy bunch. Okay, off to work on a project for a couple hours before I am due at the gym. Have a great writing (compartmentalized) day!


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